Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday, November 13 Nha Trang to Quy Nhon

Another bright and early departure at 7:30 am. On the buses for 2 plus hours north to Song Cau to begin cycling. Passed many shrimp farms on land, various fish aquaculture operations, in pens in protected bays, lush green rice fields and dense jungle-like vegetation in the hills. We passed areas where water hoses were pouring water aimed off the road. The water came from higher in the hills and was available to anyone to wash their vehicles or to cool the engines as necessary. One double-decker load of pigs had the hoses trained on its precious cargo, cooling the pigs on their way to market.

We marveled and watched in disbelief at the way the drivers passed slower vehicles on curves and hills, oblivious to approaching traffic or not knowing if traffic was just around the corner.

As we approached Song Cau we saw many fishing boats in the bay (not unusual on this coast) and also several freighters. These ships were bringing refined petroleum products from the refinery further north to this bay where distribution facilities are located. During the "American War" this bay was also used as the Seagoing Ho Chi Minh Trail. Boats would bring munitions and supplies here during typhoons for the northern troops.

We unloaded the bikes and headed north on a minor inland road for an intended 17 km ride to Tuy Hoa for lunch. Seven kilometres of beautiful riding later found us at a landslide impossible to get through and turning back to where we had just left from. We drove to Tuy Hoa for lunch, then for another hour and a half to position ourselves 45 km south of Qui Nhon and the ride to our hotel. The drive to this point was quite exciting with many potholes and much jockeying for the lead with trucks, vans, and scooters cutting in and around the potholes, changing lead, and getting nowhere any faster.

Unloading the bikes provided us with a chance to use the facilities nature provided. Doug attempted to pee in a lady's garden, was spotted and chased away by the owner, half his size, but very, very vocal and menacing.

The 45 km ride to Quy Nhon was another great session in the saddle with good roads, cooler temperatures and not too much for headwinds. We rode up one fairly good hill, the downhill part of which was our reward and arrived at the hotel as darkness caught us.

Dinner was another delicious affair with much fun being garnered from the drink menu. I believe that the order of the drinks went from " Margarita" (Paddy), "PS I Love You" (Eleanor), to "Tie Me Up" (Nancy), "Multi Orgasm" ( takes a strong man, confident of his riding abilities, to order a drink by that name) and finally to "Relaxed" (Sharon).

Enough for Day 6.  from Ross

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