Monday, November 15, 2010

Quang Ngai to Hoi An

Boots on bare feet in the Peace Park at the memorial site of the Son My massacre March 16, 1968.  Now, aspiring to peace with every step.
Mr Do Ky's house, restored after the Son My massacre.  Haunting photos in the memorial showed GIs setting fire to the houses and destroying crops, point-blank shootings with oversized weapons, piles of bodies.  Relics included an umbrella skeleton, a bracelet, a glazed terracotta jar of rice, small round-bellied jars of fish sauce, a plastic crab toy, and a 500kg bomb dropped after the massacre to destroy evidence of the crime.

Bed in restored house of Mr Do Ky, with bamboo mattress and wooden pillow.
The first of several flooded sections we crossed this morning.

Local helmets
Flood season

Narrow backroad riding

People watching people watching people.
Vietnamese tandem.  Often both pedal together.
Always the conical hat
Smoke break
Every town has a shop selling formal wear.

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