Monday, November 15, 2010

Quy Nhon to Quang Ngai

Today looked promising with slightly overcast skies & a breeze as we headed out of Quy Nhon i by van to begin our rural route from a small fishing village some 30 Km from the city. Showers were just starting so ponchoes & jackets went on.  As always the locals, especially the delightful children, were excited by our presence and kept us busy responding to their constant greetings.  The paved path/highway ran immediately in front of private homes, almost all of which had lakes of muddy water up to the porch or doorstep from last nights rain and the present downpour.  The condition of the path quickly deteriorated to an ongoing series of large and larger water-filled potholes which had to be very carefully negotiated which we all managed save for Paul who delighted the locals by taking a brief but complete mud bath. In the short intervals between potholes we had rice paddies, shrimp farms, duck farms and salt farms on either side, all dotted with white cattle egrets tip-toeing through the water and numerous butterflies fluttering among the bushes.  This flat cycling eventually progressed to first one and then a second climb at a 10% grade through a solid rock-walled hillside. Between the two passes we descended down to another remote fishing village right on the mist-covered ocean where raging brown waves pounded the beach, and just past that area we encountered our first road wash-out.  Not serious though as the van drivers and mechanics were waiting to carry the bikes over the mud & water and send us on our way up the next pass.  Rain continued on & off for remainder of the day and following another plentiful lunch of seafood, rice, veggies & spicy meat washed down with beer or soda we boarded the bus to weave our way further north through the fascinating Vietnamese traffic ballet of honking, weaving, dodging and swerving vehicles.  There are alot of miles to cover despite the relatively small size of the country so considerable van/snooze time is needed.  This is a fabulous journey into the Vietnamese culture and life and we never cease to be amazed by the consistently energetic positive and cheery attitude we see in everyone we meet.  Tomorrow, weather permitting we will cycle and drive toward Hoi An.   

Sharon Warren 

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